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Principal’s Welcome

Corresponding closely with Myanmar environment, the school aims to teach the students international education systematically. Both an international curriculum such as Pearson (Edexcel) and the national curriculum such as the Union of Myanmar Basic Education course can be learnt here. The school has gained over eight years of running experience.

Nowadays, the International GCSE examinations are like the gateways to go to local and international universities to become well-educated scholars and can earn their living as professionals.

Systematic coaching by well experienced teachers, students’ active participation, complete teaching aids which are created according to the objectives of international curriculum, textbooks and workbooks are very significant.

All parents wish their children to become good, polite and useful citizens who can earn their living as professionally qualified persons. Today, the younger generation have opportunities in getting education to keep up with the changes in information technology no matter where they live. If the children begin with good education while they are still young, they can achieve their future goal light-heartedly.

While a candidate is learning the international course, he or she can study the local education. Local course will be conducted by Grand Mandalar High School. The two reliable courses, Basic Education Curriculum and Edexcel International Curriculum can be studied in parallel within the same school. When a student gets through the International GCSE examinations, and International A Level examinations which are being held by Pearson Organization of England, the World’s Leading Education Company, he or she can join the world standard universities. In respect of teaching, Student Centred Interactive Teaching Methods are applied. Students are stimulated to have creative thinking, critical thinking, curiosity and careful observation.

In addition to Basic Education Curriculum prescribed by the government, iPLS (International Primary and Secondary) Curriculum will be taught in Basic Education Primary and Middle classes. As for the High School students, they are coached to sit for the International GCSE examinations successfully. Parents are respectfully notified that we have already arranged the above-mentioned educational services to offer.


  • Instead of learning facts and lessons by heart, students will thoroughly understand the concepts through effective methodology.
  • Students will not only excel academically but also develop physically, socially and mentally.
  • Students will become more confident and creative thinkers and problem-solvers themselves.
  • Finally, students will learn how to be cooperative and part of a team so that they will grow up with the abilities to contribute to their families and the nation.


To provide an international standard education for different levels, ranging from primary to high school, all in one place.